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  • Week 9 - 3 PCS Mixed Colors Charm Bracelets Giveaway

    Kisspat Week 9 giveaway-Charm Bracelet Set

    In last giveaways we collected some feed back from our fans about hosting a giveaway for bracelets. And here it is!
    Sorry for delay guys! Finally In week 9 we are able to launch a new giveaway for bracelets. And meanwhile, we have stocked in some really nice quality charm bracelets and we decided to share the joy with you guys as soon as we can.


    Please be noted that we are not only giving away just one color of these three bracelet but all of them because these 3 styles are the top-rated and best seller from Kisspat store. So we just combine them into one prize for you. Enjoy!

    For those fans who can't wait to get some of these charm bracelets, you can also view our full collection here:  And each was sold at just $3.99!

    A few details about these bracelets:

    1. Total about 20 different styles. Made by Leather and Alloy, some with Pearl or beading accessories.

    2. Bracelet Length 7" + 2-3" Extension Chain, so there will be no Size issue.

    3. Do not forget to register an account to receive your coupon to save 10% OFF instantly.

    week-9-2 charm bracelet

    Ok, that's pretty much everything for this giveaway.  Take the chance and good luck!  See you guys next week.

    Charm Bracelet
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  • Week 8 - Pink Sparkle Necklace & Earring Set Giveaway

    week8-giveawayWe have been away for a while and now the giveaway is back!

    In the beginning of May, we have got some new fashion statement Necklaces in and we are so excited about the new collections.  Most of these items have not been uploaded to our website for sale yet, but here we would be excited to share one of them to our lovely fans and subscribers.  We love this pink sparkle necklace & earring so much that when we were planning the giveaway of the week, it is the first item been voted by our small jewelry group!


    This Necklace is made by Resin with Alloy Chain (extension),  it will be amazing for you to wear it with your summer outfits(T-shirt, Skirt), the color is very decent pink and you can see how good it goes with Green colors shirt. Also the necklace comes with a pair of Pink Sparkle Earring.

    Pink Sparkle Earring & Necklace

    The Necklace & Earring set have 4 different Colors available:

    4 colors of Pink statement necklace

    Which color is your favorite? As always, winner gets the right to pick her own Color as a prize!

    Again, this item is not listing on our website yet,  what's the best price you will heart for this gorgeous set? Comment below to let us know!
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  • Week 7-Teardrop Turquoise Statement Necklace Giveaway

    week7-statement necklace giveaway from kisspat

    Turquoise is always one of the most popular colors for statement necklaces.   In last few giveaways, we got a few feedback that this necklace is voted to be the next prize. So here it is.


    Teardrop Gem Necklace Turquoise

    Made by Resin & Alloy

    There are total 4 colors available for this necklace: Turquoise,  pink, lime, blue.

    Additional Information

    Measurement 13.00in (L) × 0.00in (W) × 0.00in(H) Weight 50 g
    Material Resin, alloy, gemstone Color As Picture

    Giveaway open for worldwide 14+. If you like it, please share it and comment below!
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  • Week 6 - Hair Chalk Again! Set Of 6 -6 Mixed Color Pack Hair Color Chalk


    In last few giveaways, When we tried to collect some information from the giveaway tab to get the idea what is the most welcome items in next giveaway, we received several ideas:

    1. Hair chalks

    2. Necklace

    3. Bracelets

    It is really surprised us the hair chalk is still the 1st vote though we received a mass of entries for our last hair chalk giveaway.

    So here we are, we decided to set up this new hair chalk giveaway for you.  As usual, it is open worldwide, do not hesitate to comment below to let us know what you think cause we love to hear from you.

    The prize for this giveaway would be:Set Of 6 -6 Mixed Color Pack Hair Color Chalk.

    Rub it on, wash it out! These new hair color chalks are the best temporary hair coloring products! No tools needed, just easily add a flair of color to your hair any time, any where!

    This Item contains 6 Mixed color Hair Rub sets. They are:

    Hot pink, blue, green, yellow, lime and Purple!

    It was sold at a discount price of $25.99 here!  Do not buy it until you tried your luck :)!
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  • Week 5 - Classic White Bubble Necklace(You choose your color!)


    As summer comes, bubble necklace would be a nice Jewelry & accessory to go with simple outfits.  So in this giveaway, we will process with this awesome handmade white bubble necklace.

    The details of this necklace is:

    Necklace can be worn at multiple lengths depending on what you are wearing.
    Length: approx. 22-25 inches (can be adjusted!)
    Weight: 86g


    Well, if you are looking for a great gift for your girl or yourself, this one must be the one :)

    Enter and share, please!

    Wait! There's more!

    we have got this item in stock with several colors colors like pink, black, purple, green, lime, multi.... if you are the winner and you want to select a color instead of this white, we can make it HAPPEN!

    check here to see what colors we have!

    Get the giveaway code here!

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